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As an agent of reputed wholesalers of personal care and household cleaning products, we offer a wide range of quality products to meet your daily needs at affordable prices. We work with trusted manufacturers to bring you only the highest quality products that meet our exacting standards. We pride ourselves on supplying businesses of all sizes with the highest quality products, and we offer a wide range of products to suit every need.

When it comes to household cleaning, we offer a wide selection of products including everything from shampoos, soaps and lotions to disinfectants, laundry detergents and more. We understand the importance of cleanliness and hygiene, and we ensure products that are effective and safe to use in any environment. We strive to build lasting relationships with our clients. We are committed to providing our customers with quality service and competitive pricing, while maintaining the highest standards of product quality and safety. Contact us to learn more about our product line and start a partnership with us today.

What shoppers look for in a cleaning supplier?

Performance: Products that combine efficiency with innovative features typically sell more. As the market evolves, so does the need to offer simpler, more innovative options for cleaning products.

Ease of use: Household cleaning products that serve more than one function are often sought after for their convenience. It has been found that customers who are both mindful of their spending and challenged with small storage concerns are often attracted to the idea of two or more cleaning options with one product that can meet their needs. Other examples of products in this area include laundry tablets and powders that also contain fabric softener.

Environmental Awareness: Consumers are increasingly aware of how the manufacture and disposal of products, including cleaning products, can damage the world around them. They are finding ways to incorporate daily habits into their lives to minimize their own impact. The best example of this is the massive growth in the market for green cleaning household products.

Fragrance, Aesthetics and Packaging: Efficiency is often the most important attribute of a cleaning product. Likewise, packaging must be easy to understand and clearly list benefits and natural ingredients. Additionally, a pleasant scent coupled with a clean and easy-to-read packaging can greatly aid consumer choice.

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Goodsagent is a one-stop shop for all the cleaning and personal care you need to run your business. You can find all your cleaning and personal care products at the most competitive prices in one place.

Face, body and hair care products such as shampoo and body wash promote healthy hair and skin. Hand care products such as soaps, cleaners and disinfectants help to wash hands effectively. Feminine care products include tampons, sanitary napkins and other personal hygiene products.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What should you consider when buying household cleaning and personal care products?

    The Performance.

    The Cleaning Contents.

    The Awareness for the Environment.

    Think of Other Options.

    What are some safety issues with household cleaning products?

    It is important to understand the effects certain chemicals in cleaning products may have on our skin, eyes and lungs. Some cleaning products contain caustic chemicals that can cause severe burns if they come in contact with the skin or eyes. Additionally, exposure to bleach and ammonia has been linked to severe lung damage and even death.

    Why are household cleaning products important?

    Cleaning products play a vital role in keeping the home environment clean and healthy. Not only do they enhance the beauty of our surroundings, but they also eliminate dust, allergens and sources of infection that can threaten our health.